Recycled In Situ land art


A photo of a landscape is placed in the town, to be reshot in an urban context In Situ: it is the name given by Florence Notté to her series of photos, taken in the nature and then in town, that have to be seen two by two.

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In the field of Chanel in the Tuileries gardens

champs-chanel-small.jpgAn ephemeral field garden and a “bastide” farmhouse have been settled in the Tuileries gardens, presenting an olfactory pathway from flower to fragrance, in the frame of the Jardins Jardin exhibition.

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Eco-friendly hand-painted wallpaper, inspired by the gardens of Kensington Palace

royal-corsage-small.jpgInspired by the gardens of Kensington Palace, the eco-friendly wallpaper will be displayed at The Royal Chelsea Flower Show until May 26th, 2018 in the Throne Room.

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Recycling design glasses, in homage to provocative artists

lplr-small.jpgThe choice of the material is eco-friendly: surgical steel, acetate, titanium and glass. The artists of reference are various, from Leonardo da Vinci to Kraftwerk, and the glasses are hand made in France and Japan.

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Nomadic stand-alone light made of recycling material


It is called luxciole, which is a mix of lux and luciole (firefly in French) and is aptly named: nomadic, stand-alone, cordless, rechargeable, adjustable and fully made of recycling aluminium.

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Parisian Haute-Couture made from natural material

margareth-et-moi-small.jpgAfter having worked with Olivier Lapidus, Gildas Pennec and Victoria Hernando decided to launch their own brand Margareth&Moi.

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Alessi limited edition of the fruit bowl with drainer, made of infinitely recycling material


Event: re-edition of the fruit bowl with drainer C04 in a limited edition of 999 numbered pieces (created in 1995 by Achille Castiglioni, redrawn in 2018 by Alessi)
Launching: 2018 (soon available)

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