Superimposed and painted photos of nature


Béatrice Lissague has had many lives: fashion stylist, accessory designer, photographer and painter. Today established in the Loire Valley, she now dedicates herself to pictorial art, by mixing several techniques.

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Christmas in the Chateau de Cheverny's vegetable garden, until January 14, 2019


The vegetable garden has been conceived by the Marquise de Vibraye and laid out in 2004, in the former allotments: decorative or edible flowers, vegetable of today or forgotten ones are grown without chemicals and with aquaponics. For Christmas, the vegetable garden has been decorated by coloured stripes that alternate with branches of coniferous trees.

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Representing a perfume in recyclable material for the Maison Guerlain, until January 6th, 2019


How to sculpt a scent? In what material? With which light? Claudine Dray is presenting her olfactory sculptures until January 6th, 2019 at the 68 Champs Elysées, in the perfumer's historic mansion house, for Guerlain's 190-year anniversary.

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Art of bamboo basketry for ikebana or tea ceremony, until April 7th, 2019


Japanese bamboo basketry confers upon some of its creators, who have become master weavers of the material, the prestigious status of Living National Treasures. Yesterday dedicated to traditional basket making, the contemporary art of bamboo basketry has transformed itself by disregarding the function of the object.

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Photos about nature, from the pixel to the infinity, until February 28th, 2019


Chaumont-sur-Loire displays photographs about nature, from the microscopic to macroscopic, in passing by the waves: Juliette Agnel, Alex Maclean, Robert Charles Mann, Davide Quayola and Santeri Tuori propose a poetic and scientific vision of the nature.

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Sustainable luxury winter sports in the French Alps, opening on December 8th, 2018


Beeing awarded the "Station Verte" label in 2017, Courchevel is committed to safeguarding its natural environment, is using green energy for some of its equipment and offers an open-sky museum of monumental sculptures set up on the ski slopes. The station will open on December 8th, 2018.

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The positive love of the Fashion Freak Show by Jean-Paul Gaultier until December 30th, 2018


Each of us have our own beauty: it is up to us to see it, to show it, to highlight it. Jean-Paul Gaultier's childhood dream was to create a cabaret fashion show at the Folies Bergères, with all styles of beauties: he did it.

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