Natural millenial olive oil


Amador Peset produces olive oil, from green olives harvested from millenial trees planted within the Senia territory in Spain.

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Home concierge service in Paris


Soyez BCBG proposes home laundry, shoe-repair and alterations service, in Paris.

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A Job Academy at the Château de Versailles


Emblematic and prestigious place, the Château de Versailles will welcome, from January 14th 2019, a new session of the Job Academy(*), called "Henriette Campan"(**).

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Hand roasted fair trade coffee


The coffee is purchased directly in Guatemala and Honduras, throughout long-term relationships. It is hand roasted in Paris, to the second, with an accuracy of one tenth of a degree.

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Natural cosmetics from coal, clay and seaweed, or volcano lava


Etienne Soudant, biology research director, explains that minerals and trace elements are activating the vital functions of the skin, which fight against premature aging and allow to restore firmness and radiance, without the addition of artificial molecules.

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