Limited edition of Sonia Rykiel bags made of recycled tarpaulin, available from February 2019


The Allée Sonia Rykiel was officially inaugurated in Saint-Germain-des-Prés: the fashion house is launching, from February 2019, a limited edition of branded tote bags made of recycled tarpaulin.

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Art of bamboo basketry for ikebana or tea ceremony, until April 7th, 2019


Japanese bamboo basketry confers upon some of its creators, who have become master weavers of the material, the prestigious status of Living National Treasures. Yesterday dedicated to traditional basket making, the contemporary art of bamboo basketry has transformed itself by disregarding the function of the object.

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Ethical knitwear, 100% made from recycled pieces


Márcia de Carvalho is a French-Brazilian fashion designer and has initially worked for Chloé, Paule Ka, Torrente and Azzaro. In 2008, she launched her own studio, to create garments made from recycled knitwear.

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Shoes and boots handcrafted from recycled materials


Andrea Verdura is master shoemaker and handcraftes comfortable shoes and boots from recycled net and cork, leaving no discernible footprint on the environment.

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Handmade plant accessories, 100% natural


Everything is made from raffia, silk, agava and cotton. Drawn by the fashion designer, the bags are handmade in a women-only workshop in Madagascar and the finish is made in Paris. Each bag is unique.

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Upcycled fashion accessories made in France


Bilum is manufacturing luggage, clutch bags and accessories from flags, sails, flexible coated or decorative canvas, life jackets, paper posters or luxury furnishing fabrics and even airbags, that have a history. Everything is made in France.

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Natural silk squares, tinted with onion, cabbage or dried flowers


Caroline is tinting silk squares in a jar, filled with natural ingredients, exposed to sunlight. Each silk square is reflecting the weather of the day it was tinted.

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