Fresh and custom cosmetics, made from medicinal plants


Everything begins with a biological expertise of the skin, made by a doctor of pharmacy; then, the custom cream is made from natural fresh components. The cosmetics contain no controversial additive.

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Organic fruit carver, presidency of the French Republic's supplier


Atef Barbouche is carver-artist: he makes organic fruit sculptures for the Palais de l'Elysées (French presidency), for the palaces or for private events. He has taken over the family business and works with his two brothers.

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Eco-responsible certified sun care and cosmeceutical


Sylvie Peres is dermatologist and has created a sun care SPF+ 50, endocrine disrupters, nanoparticles, acrylates and silicon free.

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Liquid or solid vegan soft perfumes

sabe-masson-small.jpgIsabelle Sabé Masson wanted to create an eco-friendly skin care perfume, with only oil, water and natural fragrances. The soft perfumes are available in bottles, but also into a solid form in sticks or soaps.

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Cha'Ling eye tea bag mask with acupuncture points ritual


What: Pur'Er tea mask and complete care for the eyes
On sale from March 7th, 2018

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