Outdoor luminaires out of natural wood, which change with the passing of time


Vendredis is a group of designers who create outdoor luminaires out of non-treated wood, so that the material is transformed and blends in with the natural environment.

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Eco-friendly care for skins exposed to climatic extremes


Ski champion and part of the French national alpine ski teams for eleven years, Raphaëlle Monod Sjöström is used to extreme temperatures. After having travelled the world and collected good practises, she launched Snö Eternelle, an eco-friendly skin-care line for the  outdoor.

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Art of bamboo basketry for ikebana or tea ceremony, until April 7th, 2019


Japanese bamboo basketry confers upon some of its creators, who have become master weavers of the material, the prestigious status of Living National Treasures. Yesterday dedicated to traditional basket making, the contemporary art of bamboo basketry has transformed itself by disregarding the function of the object.

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Reinvented old form tableware ceramics, in homage to the Marquise de Pompadour


Gien re-edits its iconic tableware ceramics, with sur-mesure drawings, signed by Antoinette Poisson. The collaboration associates two exclusive savoir-faire, the knowledge of the reknown Loire Valley earthenware factory and the expertise of three enthusiasts of wallpapers from the 18th century.

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Ethically-crafted jewel-coins


Vera Vita is a jewel coin, hand-made crafted in 18-carat gold, recycled by European foundries or mined according to the Clean extraction principle endorsed by the Republic of Chad or Gibraltar. A part of its value is donated to "Enfants d’Asie".

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