Jewelry made of industrial springs


Tiziana Redavid is an architect. At the age of ten, she visited an industrial springs factory belonging to her father's friend: she picked up a spring and put it around her wrist. During her studies, she began creating jewelry.

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Upcycled fashion accessories made in France


Bilum is manufacturing luggage, clutch bags and accessories from flags, sails, flexible coated or decorative canvas, life jackets, paper posters or luxury furnishing fabrics and even airbags, that have a history. Everything is made in France.

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Sustainable eyewear, manufactured from upcycled materials


Parafina creates trendy sun glasses by recycling plastic, metal and rubber. The enterprise is BCorp certified.

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Furniture made from recycled metal and wood pieces, found in the nature

rom-et-butch-fullmaya-small.jpgRomain, ex-mason, has always been working with wood by passion. Butch was butcher. Today, they both work together to create upcycled furniture, from metal and wood pieces, that they find in the nature.

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Ethical knitwear, 100% made from recycled pieces


Márcia de Carvalho is a French-Brazilian fashion designer and has initially worked for Chloé, Paule Ka, Torrente and Azzaro. In 2008, she launched her own studio, to create garments made from recycled knitwear.

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Designer alternative leatherwork for the city, made from recycled bicycle inner tubes

fantome-small.jpgThe work begins with combing partner stores and collecting used inner tubes: their second life can begin.

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Martin, 16 years old, walking stick maker by passion


At 16, he left school to devote himself to his passion: manufacturing wooden walking sticks by hand. His aim is to reboost this timeless market and to reinterpret it for the 21st century.

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