Ethical knitwear, 100% made from recycled pieces


Márcia de Carvalho is a French-Brazilian fashion designer and has initially worked for Chloé, Paule Ka, Torrente and Azzaro. In 2008, she launched her own studio, to create garments made from recycled knitwear.

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Shoes and boots handcrafted from recycled materials


Andrea Verdura is master shoemaker and handcraftes comfortable shoes and boots from recycled net and cork, leaving no discernible footprint on the environment.

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Throne made from recycled bicycle parts and bamboo stools

Gunjan-Gupta-small.jpgGunjan Gupta is an Indian product designer, committed in the promotion of India’s handmade and craft industries who creates pieces of furniture from natural or recycled material. Her bicycle throne will be displayed in the new design exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

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Natural jewelry, made by hand in South Africa


Pichulik creates natural jewellery pieces made of jade, shell, hemp, brass, agate, smooth pebbles or recycled glass, handmade by women crafters to promote job creation in communities around Cape Town (South Africa)

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Upcycled fashion accessories made in France


Bilum is manufacturing luggage, clutch bags and accessories from flags, sails, flexible coated or decorative canvas, life jackets, paper posters or luxury furnishing fabrics and even airbags, that have a history. Everything is made in France.

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Handbags made of recycled fabric upholstery, in a limited edition


Roze creates vintage spirit hanbags, from recycled upholstery, mixed and matched by contrast. All is made in France.

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Withdrawn tulle tutus made by a solidarity workshop

fmk-tutu-small.jpgFrédérique Leininger repurchases the unused luxury tulle and has made unique tutus by a solidarity workshop. She also organises "vintage upcycling" classes where she teaches how to tranform every-day clothing into tutus.

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