Limited edition of the Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier, in an ecrin made of recycling metal lace


The Ecrin features the monogram initials of Laurent-Perrier and the distinctive oval label to celebrate the limited edition.

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Responsible fairtrade vodka, rum, gin and liqueur

fair-small.jpgThe sourcing is an art: Alexandre Koiransky is purchasing the organic quinoa in Bolivia, the sugar cane in Belize, the arabica in Mexico and the juniper berries in Uzbekistan, exclusively to local producers.

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Opening of a gastronomical organic restaurant in Barcelona, which serves exclusive Catalan wines

restaurant-locavore-barcelone-small.jpgA new organic gastronomical restaurant is opening in Barcelona, in tribute to Catalan cuisine: the Solc.

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Edible perfumes in the form of macaroons by Dalloyau, for Mother's Day, in a limited edition


Dalloyau has partnered with IFF, creator of flavours for the luxury world, to create edible perfumes in the form of aesthetic macaroons, for Mother's Day.

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Universal healthy plant, biologically grown in Kenya


For 5000 years, the plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its outstanding nutritional properties and cosmetic benefits. Born in Cameroun and Kenyan by adoption, Jeanne Ngo Yockbag discovered the Moringa during a journey in India and decided to grow it, in respect of the environment.

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Deep ocean sparkling water, from the Pacific


It is during a scuba diving and because of a defective measuring device, that led the diver all the way down to a dangerous zone, that the deep ocean sparkling source of water has been discovered. 

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Organic coffee square to bite, like a chocolate (from 2018)


Founded in 1948(*), the Maison Pralus is an institution in the world of chocolate. Today, it launches the organic coffee square to bite, like a chocolate.

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