Michelin-star dessert restaurant in Courchevel


Sarkara is a gastronomic dessert restaurant, which is awarded one Michelin Star: Sébastien Vauxion creates audaciously contemporary desserts, by giving priority to local producers, depending on seasons.

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Natural millenial olive oil


Amador Peset produces olive oil, from green olives harvested from millenial trees planted within the Senia territory in Spain.

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Hand roasted fair trade coffee


The coffee is purchased directly in Guatemala and Honduras, throughout long-term relationships. It is hand roasted in Paris, to the second, with an accuracy of one tenth of a degree.

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Flowers of islands perfumed twelfth night cake, from January 6th to the 20th, 2019


The pastry Chef of the Shangri-La Palace has reinvented the twelfth night cake, by perfuming it with Madagascan and Tahitian vanilla. He took inspiration from the honeycomb cake of his childhood.

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Luxury sugar confectionery, made in France


Bélissaire Boissier developed the original recipe for glazed chestnuts, that gave birth to the very first marron glacé. In 1827, he established a shop in Paris, and decided to make a special candy, in homage to the city.

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Organic Côtes du Rhône, drunk at the Cannes film festival and in Monaco


Art Mas is a vineyard composed of of noble grape varieties, Grenache and Syrah grown in an organic manner oriented toward biodynamy. Xavier Combe describes himself as a winemaker artist. He has also been a partner in the evening launch of several films at the Cannes film festival and is supplier to the Principality of Monaco.

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Christmas collection of handmade chocolates, such as paintings


The Maison Richart has designed a Christmas pictorial collection, by combining each chocolate with a unique ingredient, like a painter of the Renaissance practicing the art of chiaroscuro.

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