Chef Alain Passard's organic vegetable baskets, delivered each week by bicycle

alain-passard-small.jpgAlain Passard, Chef of the restaurant l'Arpège(*) in Paris, is cooking vegetables produced in his own gardens, located in France. The excess production can be ordered and delivered each week.

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Limited edition of a piano, made from spruce naturally dried by air during five years

Cocteau-small.jpgIn partnership with the Musée Jean Cocteau and the Menton Music festival, Bösendorfer launches a limited edition of twelve pianos in homage to Jean Cocteau.

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Limited edition of the Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier, in an ecrin made of recycling metal lace


The Ecrin features the monogram initials of Laurent-Perrier and the distinctive oval label to celebrate the limited edition.

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Handmade tin dishes, made in Colombia

artefaktos-cuisine-small.jpgThe appearance recalls dishes in the 1950s in Europe and the manufacturing process has remained the same since generations.

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Auction of 100 artworks at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, for the benefit of the Secours populaire from June 15th to the 24th, 2018


Event: "blind" auction of 100 artworks by the Maison Millon
When: from June 15th to 24th 2018 at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, thanks to the patronage of LVMH

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Six Senses distributes an application against jet lag


Ahead of the well-being and the preservation of the planet, Six Senses distributes an application against jet lag, for a direct booking on its website: guests can instantaneously download it(*).

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Recycled In Situ land art


A photo of a landscape is placed in the town, to be reshot in an urban context In Situ: it is the name given by Florence Notté to her series of photos, taken in the nature and then in town, that have to be seen two by two.

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